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aching muscles, ankle, anti-inflammatory, arm injury, arthritis (fingers), arthritis (hands), arthritis (hips), arthritis (knee), arthritis (spine), arthritis (toes)


back aches, back pain, body aches, bruising, burning sensations


fingers, fingers (arthritis)


headache , hands (arthritis), hips (arthritis)




knees, knees (arthritis), knuckles


lifting, lower back


mild migraines, miracle cream, muscle pain, manual labour




oral anti-inflammatory


pain killer


Raynaud's disease (symptoms from), ribs (from fall)


shoulder, shoulder aches, stomach upset, swelling, spine (arthritis)


tendonitis (shoulder), tennis, tennis elbow, throbbing pain, tight muscles, toes (arthritis)


workout (with weights), wrist pain

This is what one pharmacy owner in Montreal (Québec) said about TOP 2000 pain control cream.
"I recommend it ... the client buys it ... likes it and returns to repeat ....  !!!" 

Tro Pascal Cotchikian (Jean Coutu)


To whom It May concern,
The pharmacists have been recommending
TOP 2000 Pain Control Cream to our clients in the pharmacy and consumer response has been very positive. Sales continually increase because of word of mouth and client repeats. I tried TOP 2000 myself for the pain in my knees and was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked ... certainly better than any of the creams I have used in the past. I am happy that I now have a product I can depend on whenever my knee pain acts up.

"Louise - Pharmaceutical Technician"


To Whom It May Concern:
Just a brief note to let you know how much I like the
TOP 2000 Pain Control Cream. I have arthritis in my spine, toes, fingers and hips and TOP 2000 gives me tremendous relief and without the terrible burning sensations I get from other creams. For me it is a God send. My sister has a lot of pain in her shoulder due to tendonitis and she gets the same relief from TOP 2000 as I do. We just want to thank you for this wonderful cream that you are now offering to the public to make our lives more enjoyable. Thank you!

Elaine Hankin
Ottawa, Ontario


Over the years I had tried all the creams I could find. I did not want to take any oral anti-inflammatory because of resulting stomach upset. When I asked you whether TOP 2000 was just another cream or if it was really different, you convinced me to try it.

Initially I used the
TOP 2000 3-4 times a day on my arthritic hands and knees. Within a few days the pain in my knees was very much reduced and the pain and swelling on my knuckles was substantially reduced allowing me to bend my fingers. After a number of months, I found that I needed to use it only once a day.

In addition, I found that if I use it before my workout with my weights, I have no difficulty bending my fingers enough to grab the bar.

I also found that in the winter it delayed the onset of symptoms from Raynaud's (poor circulation in the extremities) disease.

I am indebted to you for introducing
TOP 2000 to Quebec and in particular, convincing me to just give it a try.

Bob McGowan


For some time now I have heard about the TOP 2000 relief cream on the Dr. Joe radio show. I thought it may interest you and anyone that may read this e-mail that my mother and I both have had excellent results.

I took therapy for a bad knee which is much better now, but still every so often I wake up from my sleep with a terrible throbbing pain that keeps me up all night. I decided to try the
TOP 2000 cream and once applied to this area, the throbbing stopped completely within 5 minutes and didn't reoccur for days.

I recommended this product to my mother of 88, who has severe arthritis pain in her hands and fingers and suffers regularly. She has tried other products but has given up on them long ago. She now uses the
TOP 2000 regularly and always gets relief. She loves it.

In short, I would recommend this
TOP 2000 cream to anyone who suffers body pain to at least try it as it may relieve their pain as it does for my mother and I.

I am pleased to have listened to Dr. Joe radio show, otherwise I might still be in pain.

Bob Winikoff  


To whom it may concern,

The cream is working wonders. It is a sort of miracle.

Salut les amis, Je partage avec vous un secret contre la douleur musculaire et arthritique un vrai miracle, qui plus d'une fois m'a sauvé la vie !!! Si vous souffrez de courbatures aussi la crème sera d'un grand soulagement.



To whom it may concern,

Just to let you know:

As one of the top tennis players in my age category in senior tennis, I have to be able to perform on a consistently high level.

I love playing tennis but was experiencing great difficulty because of pain from tennis elbow. I actually apply it to my arm before I play and can play a complete match without pain. This stuff is absolutely fantastic. I never thought a cream could be so effective. In fact,
TOP 2000 helps me greatly by relieving the pain for any tight or aching muscles. It is great for injuries and even reduces bruising.

My wife has tried it for neck and shoulder pain and she is very happy with the results.

Thank you for bringing this product to market.

Michael Sheiner


My name is Joseph Kalfayan but I am better known as Eddy, the custom shirt maker. I have been working in my shirt making trade for long many years and a few years ago felt that the old age was catching up to me. My job is standing at the cutting table and cutting and cutting and cutting. The back pain and the wrist pain became so bad that I was contemplating retirement. The oral pain killers were not doing the job.

Then one of my customers Mr. Vijay, spoke to me about this great pain control cream called
TOP 2000. I said OK, what do I loose by trying it.

Since I have started using it, my retirement plans have been postponed for at least 5-10 years. I am applying it to the pain areas twice a day and I feel great whole day long. My sister is now using it and so are a number of my friends. So take it from me, it is great.

Joseph Kalfayan


Dear Sir,

I would like to share the benefits by using the cream
TOP 2000 with other people. I have been using this cream over 3 years when ever is required on my tennis elbow, my knees, neck & shoulder. I do highly recommend this cream because it relieves the pain in no time. Recently a friend of mine told me that she is using it on her temples for her headache so I gave it a try on my severe mygrain & I could not believe the relief, I call it the miracle cream. so would like to share this experience with other people & ease their pain. I thank you for taking your time to read my note.

Sahera Hitam


We live in Calgary, Alberta, and last summer of 2003, we were visiting our family members in Montreal, when, I happened to go to Jean Coutu and saw this product TOP 2000. I was curious to find out if this product really works. I just wanted to let you know that this product has helped my family tremendously.

My daughter suffers mild migraines, and she is only 8 years old. Whenever she gets a mild migraine, I rub some
TOP 2000 on her temples, and I let her lie down. About an hour later, she informs me that she is feeling better. This product has helped her tremendously.

It has also helped my husband and me too. I have some arthritis on my knee, and when it acts up, I rub some on my knee, and it starts to work immediately, it easies the pain. My husband has also used it for various pain, and he also finds relief in it.

Thank you for all your help in promoting this product, I only wish we could find it here in Calgary, I do believe it would be a great success.

Yours truly,
Anna Maria Bucaro and Salvatore Falco


Dear Sir,

For the past two years, My family has been using a new analgesic topical cream,
TOP 2000 for all sorts of body aches with great results.I originally purchased it at my local store on Westminster&Kildare and have since noticed it available in my pharmacy. I have used it for back&shoulder aches, my 83 year-old mother on her arthritic knee and my uncle on his lower back. The results have been so good that TOP 2000 will remain my first choice in pain-control creams! Great product and highly recommendable.

Al Fichaud


Dear Sir/Madam:

just want to let you know that I am satisfied with the product,
TOP 2000 cream, which you featured in your radio show.

I purchased the cream at pharmaprix for my ankle, which it helped a lot. my brother-in-law used it as well for his back. he works at Jewish General Hospital as an orderly and he does a lot of lifting old patient that's why he suffers from muscle pain escpecially back pains. I made him try the cream and ever since then he uses
TOP 2000 cream.

have a nice day,



just wanted to convey my father's satisfaction towards this product called
TOP 2000 cream which was featured in one of the Dr. Joe radio shows a few weeks ago.

i bought the cream from Jean Coutu (Somerled and Walkley) two weeks ago and my father definitely likes it better than Extra Strength "well known cream" which he has been using for a long time now.

he works as part of the maintenance team at the Continuing Education department at Concordia University. he does a lot of lifting and cleaning, lots of manual labor activities. he suffers from muscle pains, especially back pains at the end of a working day.

after being on several and different types of over-the-counter pain relief (ointments, creams, pills), we decided to try this one out after hearing about it on the radio and seeing it at Jean Coutu. he's been using it regularly since then. he likes that just a little amount of the cream is enough to give him the relief he needed. he also likes the fact that it is a cream and not something that you have to take orally. lastly, the smell is something he can stand much better than the smell of "well known cream". the price is a little bit more expensive than "well known cream" and "well known capsule", but since he only needs a smaller amount of the product per application, then i guess it comes to the same thing.

I thank you for introducing this product to the general public. I hope there are others out there who are benefitting from this cream as well. More power to you and your product.

Marjorie Quitain
Montreal, QC



My wife and I are not great users of medicinal products for aches and pain,let alone, prescription drugs, but, when first introduced to
TOP 2000,we felt that the makers of this product were on to something special.

In addition to using this product for aches and pain relief, my wife had the occasion to use
TOP 2000 when she damaged her ribs in a recent fall. This product proved to be remarkable, in that it provided comfort where severe discomfort was prevalent. She used this marvellous product for almost two weeks, and it, absolutely, helped her with its pain control ability, during the mending process.

We are both thankful for having discovered this important product and recommend its use to others seeking relief from pain.

Brian D. Krecklo
(Montreal, Canada)


This is a message from Simone:
She loaned her friend Pat the
TOP 2000 Jar to use on her sore neck.
It helped immensely after she had tried several other products.
She loved it and bought her own
TOP 2000 at Jean Coutu on Sourses

Hurray for
TOP 2000!

Walter Stensch, Montreal


Good Day Sir,

Just a small plug for a pain relief cream,
TOP 2000. At age 59 pains and aches seem like a regular occurrence. My wife recently used this cream on an arm injury, and the pain was kept at bay during the muscle healing.

Bob Pearson


I prefer to call it "Pain Killer" instead of pain control because it really kills the pain. I have tried it a few times and many of my relatives and friends of different age to whom I recommanded it have tried it and the results were great.

Thank you for bringing this wonderfull product to the market.

Joe Kanaan


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