For the Massage Therapist


Before you apply TOP 2000 :

Check and become familiar with ALL warnings for this productís use.
See IMPORTANT NOTE regarding Methyl salicylate.
Do not use if client is pregnant or nursing.
For clients new to product, apply on inside of wrist to check sensitivity (skin patch test).
If sensitivity exists, wipe down area with cool washcloth, baby wipes, or witch hazel


Once sensitivity is determined you can proceed as follows :

Apply to affected area, massage in lightly.
Work on other parts of body while cream penetrates affected area.
Apply cream again once you start working on affected area.
Apply massage oil over cream and work area as you would normally.
Do not apply over wounds or damaged skin.
Do not apply external sources of heat such as a heating pad over the area treated with the cream as it could result in skin irritation or a burning sensation.


After the massage :

Remind clients that if they touch the area treated with TOP 2000, they should avoid touching eyes and mucous membranes. Hands should be washed thoroughly.
Remind clients that they should not bandage or use other tight covering over the area that has been treated with the cream to avoid excessive skin irritation or burning sensation.
Therapists should wash their hands thoroughly after massage.