The best of east and west.



Capsicum annuum 4.0 % (v/v), 
Panax notoginseng 0.09 g/ml, d-Menthol 4.0 % (v/v).
Non-Medicinal: See Health Canada Website.

We refer to this cream as the “Best of East and West”.  

Manufactured in Canada, TOP 2000 consists of a proprietary Chinese herbal formula plus most of the typical “Western” ingredients* found in similar high quality products. This Chinese herbal formula has been used for pain control for centuries and TOP 2000 is the only cream available with these herbs.

The potent combination of traditional “Western” pharmaceutical ingredients and this “Eastern” proprietary Chinese herbal formula gives fast and effective temporary relief from muscle, tendon, ligament and joint pain.

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A proprietary Chinese herbal formula plus menthol and capsicum**.

See IMPORTANT NOTE regarding Methyl salicylate.



Do not confuse the capsicum in TOP 2000 with the capsaicin in other creams. TOP 2000 is not capsaicin-based and was formulated not to create a burning sensation on the skin. It does contains a small amount of capsicum which is the natural extract from the chili pepper plant and does not contain the concentrated form called capsaicin. Because TOP 2000 has a limited amount of capsicum in its natural form (not processed to concentrated capsaicin) it does not burn. It merely creates a "warm" sensation.

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